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Welcome from Toowoomba Regional Council Mayor, Paul Antonio

The Toowoomba Region is a rich tapestry of ideas and values that stem from the Darling Downs’ proud history of being a friendly community. With a population of approximately 170,000 people across a 127km range, Toowoomba is a vibrant region with a rich history for notable historical areas and monuments. At the heart of our rich history is our educational ties, with Toowoomba hosts the founding campus of the University of Southern Queensland formerly known as the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education, established in 1967. The USQ assists our community development by attracting students from across the globe to our region, bringing a rich diversity of culture and background.

Welcome from Ipswich City Council Mayor, Teresa Harding

Ipswich is the fastest growing region in Queensland, with the city to welcome over 330,000 new residents between now and 2041, and is one of the most liveable regions in the State.  You will find beautiful parks and natural areas, a vibrant local café and restaurant scene and world-class heritage sites.  Ipswich is home to people from over 163 countries, speaking 152 different languages. Education and training are important to Ipswich’s local economy, as well as in 2018/2019, the education and training sector provided over 8000 jobs in the region. USQ established its Springfield campus in 2006 and added its Ipswich campus in 2015 and today, USQ is a hub for the local community, as well as a provider of opportunities and benefits to the people of Ipswich. USQ staff have joined forces with state and national research bodies including Cancer Council Queensland and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia to improve healthcare and quality of life for people across Queensland’s regions.

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